We know our stuff. We teach you so you can know your stuff too! We help you remember you are your own master healer and you can release your illness!

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Working with Mairo was so easy and simple! No complicated fluff or unnecessary information. Her guidance really helped my Mom and I am very grateful for her help! Book a consultation you will not regret it!


This guide book has really helped me to realize that I can support my body in so many ways and has helped guide my wellness journey. If you have HSV buy this Ebook!!


I dont know what I would do without these teas! These teas have helped me so much during my illness and menstruation cycles. Mairo is so knowledgeable and well informed I could listen to her talk all day! Yoniez is my favourite tea blend and it has helped me tremendously through periods, no more cramping or massive blood flow!

Jacklyn. M