Stress Relief

Stress Relief

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Children getting on your nerves? Of course they are!

Spouse nagging too much about your to-do list that never gets done?  

Well I got news for you - they ain't going away lol 😂 

Here's where our Stress Relief blend comes in.

Sipping on this tea will make you forget about the whining, crying, and other outside noise that brings your blood pressure to the roof.

Let Stress Relief tea calm your nerves so you can politely respond to your spouse after they are reminding you about the bathroom sink you left in a mess again 🙄

Hibiscus tantalizes your eyes with its beautiful colour that automatically begins to reduce stress.

Sage and Lavender activate your zen mode so next time you're stressing, get to blending, a cup of Stress Relief tea that is!





Bay Leaf




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